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Leeds, MA: The Gehenna Press, 2003. Limited Edition. Hardcover. "Continuing a collaboration that began with Maslow's brilliant Owl Papers and Gehenna's monumental Semblant...completed the year before the artist's death...Densely textured, xylographically inventive, Baskin vests his woodcuts and etchings with myriad layers of ambiguity..." (from the colophon). A brilliant collection of.....  Item #6670
Price: $8,500.00

My Objection to Being Stepped On: A New Poem by Robert Frost.

New York: Printed at the Spiral Press, 1957. First Edition. Many of these imprints included the publisher's printed statement (on first leaf): "At Christmas 1957 this poem brings you the warmest Holiday greetings and good wishes..." This particular imprint does not have that statement, yet was the same design for...  Item #9334
Price: $200.00

The Sonnets: Watch Book [Artist Book].

Seattle, WA: Amno & Co, 2015. Limited Edition. Unique/Original Wraps. The design team were challenged to produce a book prototype in watch form which would include displayed letters, persistence-of-vision (POV), and Morse code (visual or audible). This limited edition is the result. Each watch 'reads' sonnets 1 and 2 in...  Item #8910
Price: $300.00