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Fahrenheit 451 [Artist Book].

México: Troconi-Letayf & Campbell, 2020. Limited Edition. Mixed Media. "Through the Fahrenheit 451 project, Joan Fontcuberta carries out the symbolic action of burning 451 copies of the famous novel of the same name, in various languages. Unlike Bradbury's argument, in this case, the books are not totally destroyed by the flames but rescued before turning to ashes. On the occasion of the commemoration of the author's centenary, the Bradbury Year (2020), and in the words of Joan Fontcuberta, the current reality begins to look dangerously like this great dystopic novel...
"The novel Fahrenheit 451 is the one that best indicates the inverse dependence between the culture of books and totalitarianism, a totalitarianism that is no longer a distant ghost but a reality manifested by the rebirth of the extrema right in Europe and Spain In 'Fahrenheit 451' the victims are the books, which are the access routes to cultivated intelligence, knowledge and free thought. " The books in this portfolio of work are victims of the flames, but they are also survivors. Despite the violence they suffer, they endure, albeit with sequels and scars. "The censorship is definitely not consummated, but the burned covers testify to the damage of the aggression".
"The edition consists of a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. In his new project Fahrenheit 451, Fontcuberta aspires to participate, from the frontlines of art, in this dissolution of frontiers, paying homage to books based on various manifestations of intolerance and barbarism, from a supine paradox: “burning books which deal, precisely, with burning books. To this end, I assembled as many copies of Bradbury’s novel as I can, in a vast plurality of different editions and languages, which reveal its ecumenical and popular condition”." [Publisher's Statement]. Fine. Tight, bright, and unmarred. Presentation: Walnut box container showing an original book burned by the artist, protected with an acrylic cover. Size: 40 x 28 x 11 cm
Contents: 12 photographs numbered and signed by the artist in archival quality digital print on Natural Rag Entry paper of 290 grams of MOAB, 100% cotton, in a size of 36 x 25 cm.
1 book with texts by the author and photos that document the text itself and the burning action, bound in cartoné with seams for loose sheets.
1 evidence bag with the burned book ashes. 1 metal box with a USB stick that shows the action of the books burning.
Multi-faceted work, including sculptural, photographic, digital, and printed elements. np. Illus. (color plates). Numbered, limited edition of 20 copies, signed by the artist.
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