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The Sensitive and Vegetable Souls: a Bestiary [Artist Book].

New York: [Deeply Game Publications], 2001. Limited Edition. Hardcover. "This Bestiary is a genealogical palimpsest from a parallel universe, with the construction of an antique tintype album. Twenty C-print photographs depicting “beasts”, set in die-cut windows, are bound into a corkskin cover, with a sterling silver closure made for the project. Biographies of the beasts and their intergenerational history are annotated by fountain pen, typewriter, and silkscreen, and elaborated with inserted ephemera." [artist statement]
“The typewritten character is the Bison, from whose notes/papers/photos the Glade Elephant (pen-writer) put together the book for her daughter, Clara (frontispiece). In that universe, the beasts are highly-evolved but he (the bison) values humanoid qualities in a Eugenics-style mission to improve the family which the Glade Elephant rejects. Another aspect is that at the time I was highly entertained by the sci-fi-like qualities of real animals, which is why the animals in the book are either real, made-up-by-me, or mythological, the point being that you can't tell which are which. The book structure copies an annotated family tintype album I inherited from my great grandmother. The images are C-print photos I printed in a darkroom. I made it before digital cameras/photoshop were common. The distortions are either long exposures or underwater photos, showing our meat, bones and tendons and general form/function to be fairly indistinguishable from those of the animal world.” [causual thoughts on the work by the artist]. Fine. Tight, bright, and unmarred. Bound in cork with sterling silver hardware made for this project and golden thread, green pastepaper endpapers, aeg, tipped and laid in plates, cut through elements, generally a complex construction, mss elements, binding intentionally tight, wrapped in a dark taupe cloth [silkscreened image from the book]. Small squarish 8vo. np. Illus. (color and b/w plates). Variable edition of 30 copies [3 remain]. Item #10987

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