Item #10995 MOON ARCHIVE [Artist Book]. Patricia Lagarde.
MOON ARCHIVE [Artist Book]
MOON ARCHIVE [Artist Book]
MOON ARCHIVE [Artist Book]
MOON ARCHIVE [Artist Book]

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MOON ARCHIVE [Artist Book].

Mexico City, Mex: Ediciones Escarabajo, 2022. Limited Edition. Hardcover. Complete in five volumes, housed in a custom slipcase.
"This brief encyclopedia consists of a five-volume Moon Archive: a personal response to the idea of reaching the Moon, drawing on literature, geography, film, astronomy, and science.

The book is rooted in the author’s fascination with a reprint of the drawings from Sidereus Nuncius, by Galileo, who first peered into a primitive telescope in 1609. It was he who confirmed the Moon’s orography, proving that it wasn’t a flat, perfect disc; that it had dusty seas, chasms, craters, and mountain ranges." [artist statement][See also, longer statement]

A collection of intervened old maps, photos, testimonies, and essays; a series of information that attests, like every compendium, to the impossibility of gathering anything but a fistful of sand.

Five volumes plus Index: Journey; Cartographies; Mass Media; Traces; Inhabit [Index identifies each component by section]. Fine in Fine Archival Slipcase. Tight, bright, and unmarred. Gray silk/cotton cloth boards, cyanotype paper onlay at front boards, Index shows blue cloth spine, printed cream wrappers, printed cyanotype on Japanese tissue, fold-out elements. 4to. np [var]. Illus. (cyanotypes). Index. Item #10995

Price: $12,500.00

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