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Portland, ME: 2005. Unique Work. In the artist's words: "I found this book at our public library's spring book sale, and was attracted by its size, weight, and subject. I've always thought a concordance a very strange kind of book, reflecting a somewhat obsessive/compulsive approach to words. Not only did this particular concordance list all of the occurrences of words like angel and wheat, it also included listings for words like “it” and “an,” and I still can't think why that would be useful to anyone, but perhaps usefulness is not the point. I carved out the two compartments and used melted wax to solidify the remains of the book into a sturdy container. I folded the cut out pages into sections (four sheets each) and put them back into the compartments. The inside front cover resembles an ancient wax tablet, the kind that would have been used for recording an inventory of grain or other commodity. I made it by carving out a shallow rectangle in the cover and filling it with black wax. I “wrote” into the wax several times, remelting it or adding more as needed. The word ledger has several meanings: account book, a flat slab of stone covering a grave, a horizontal timber in a scaffold." In a period where a fair bit of "book art" is glib, Cawley's work is subtle and engaging. Where much is to be seen once, enjoyed and forgotten, Cawley's begs "rereading", as with each rereading one is able to trick out another nuance...another wee tale. Cawley is emerging as a fresh and sophisticated voice in American book arts. Item #4428 Materials: altered book (late-1800s concordance), beeswax, book cloth hinges. 4to.
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