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Family Portrait.

Portland, ME: 2002. Unique Work. In the artist's words: "This wonderful object was discovered in a musty antiques barn by my partner. I put it out in the sun and air for almost a whole summer, to get the fusty smell out of it. The front “doors” were off so I made the leather hinges, and I also did the embroidery on the outside. The photos and objects inside are of my own family, and anonymous people found in antique stores. Please read the poem on the first few pages, which ends, 'I only perceive the strange idea of family traveling through the flesh.'" In a period where a fair bit of "book art" is glib, Cawley's work is subtle and engaging. Where much is to be seen once, enjoyed and forgotten, Cawley's begs "rereading", as with each rereading one is able to trick out another nuance...another wee tale. Cawley is emerging as a fresh and sophisticated voice in American book arts. Item #4429 Materials: Victorian photo album with drawer and stand, old photographs, various papers, mica, embroidery, photocopy transfer, graphite, collected objects. Mounted oblong 4to with drawer in base.
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