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Portland, ME: Artist Book, 2004. Unique Edition. In the artist's words, "Memorial books were printed funerary tributes to notable people in a community. I got six or seven of them in a box with other book parts, all stamped withdrawn from a nearby library. The covers were black with lots of gold-foil embossed ornaments and type. I cut out the view holes based on the stamped designs and used dry-brush on the back panel to bring out its intricate texture and design." In a period where a fair bit of "book art" is glib, Cawley's work is subtle and engaging. Where much is to be seen once, enjoyed and forgotten, Cawley's begs "rereading", as with each rereading one is able to trick out another nuance...another wee tale. Cawley is emerging as a fresh and sophisticated voice in American book arts. Item #5109 Tunnel book. Materials: Late-nineteenth-century memorial book covers, acrylic, paste paper. 8vo. Hand colored.
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