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Waterlines [Apres moi le deluge [and] Orpheus on Sappho's Shore].

Hadley, MA: Double Elephant Press/Oxingale Press, 2009. Limited Edition. Hardcover. "Two illustrated musical works are joined thematically through their aquatic journeys in which human agony finds solace in the redemptive power of music. ... In [the first] the suffering caused by Hurricane Katrina is given voice by an angry chorus of the forsaken who question why Noah has forgotten them. The biblical Noah is used to represent the leadership of the country, drunk on its own power & asleep at the wheel. In the later piece, Orpheus, the mythological, bodiless icon of music, lands on the shore of Sappho, the great poet-predecessor, seeking relief from his journey on a sea of the time-forgotten. Sappho obliges, lighting his funeral pyre, but she gets to keep his lyre. A compact disc of the music comes with the book. // [In Apres] Kuch uses woodcuts printed on translucent Japanese paper to find resonance in the moribund, aquatic journeys. Taking inspiration from Titian's twelve-block print of the Submersion of Pharaob's Army in the Red Sea...[Kuch created] a twelve-block print of a single drowned man. // For Orpheus on Sppho's Shore, Japanese woodcuts with their water-based ink & awash in red, chalk, & Aegean-blue hues lends counterpoint to Orpheus's morbid predicament of decapitation. ... The score is visible through the translucent page of the preceding print providing an undulating texture beneath the woodcut's surface." (prospectus) Takuji Hamanaka printed the three-color woodcuts; Art Larson printed the cypress blocks, wood engravings & letterpress; binding by Sarah Creighton. Fine in Fine Archival Box. Tight, bright, and unmarred. Dos-a-dos binding, blue cloth spines, blue paste-paper boards, printed paper onlays, two printed pieces in bound in pocket; blue cloth archival box with paper spine label. Small fo. np. Illus. (color and b/w plates). Numbered limited edition, this being 34 of 50. Item #7497

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