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Nourish, All Our Relations.

Portland, OR: Scranton Press, 2013. Limited Edition. Artist Book in Archival Case. Nourish, All Our Relations is an unbound artist book composed of eight twice-folded folios printed on both sides and housed in a handcrafted collapsible bamboo box. These pages have endured over 100 runs through the Vandercook letterpress. I explored new artistic territory in this project; investigating color by mapping out fifteen different multi-color reduction relief prints, and experimenting with layered images on transparent paper. While working on this project I discovered that transparent paper introduces an element of artistic chance. As light shines through a page, layers of color and image become more than the sum of their parts; they reveal new meanings. Thus, this pictorial journey emerged.
This project was partially funded by an individual project grant from the Regional Arts & Cultural Council. 2% of sale proceeds will be donated to Ecotrust.
Inspired by the personal experience of visiting Opal Creek’s pristine ancient forest; witnessing a breathtaking starling murmuration; listening to musical compositions that transcend cultural boundaries; and sleeping under the expansive starry night sky, Nourish came to fruition. It celebrates the wonders of our natural and created world but also acknowledges that beneath this beauty lies environmental catastrophe; dying bee colonies; lack of safe drinking water; increasing oceanic garbage; loss of habitat for species whose diversity is dwindling; and our changing climate. Time is ticking, we must find our way through the labyrinth, unlock the doors of perception, embody the notion “to be with higher self” and become the spider that protects and weaves creative solutions. Fine. Bright and unmarred. Four folios are printed on Gampi-shi paper and four folios are printed on Gampi 2-layered paper. The starling murmuration is printed on transparent Usuyo Gampi paper. The papers measure 14 ¾” x 14 ¾” and fold into squares of 7 3/8” x 7 3/8”. When closed, the bamboo box measures approx. 8” x 8” x 2” and opens flat to 18” x 10 ¼”. Images are made from reduction-cut linoleum blocks, reduction-cut wood blocks, pressure printing, and polymer plates. The title page and colophon are handset and letterpress-printed. There is a wool felt interior cover with a cast paper pulp spoon attached. A porcelain turkey wishbone is adhered to the inside of the bamboo box lid. There are 21 copies in this edition, with 2 artist proofs. Item #8348

Price: $4,500.00

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