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Printer's Blocks.

Tacoma, WA: Springtide Press, 2014. Limited Edition. Loose items in an archival box. "Printer's Blocks is an abecedarium composed of vintage wood type and printer’s blocks letterpress printed on Magnani Revere and formed into cubes. Letters are arranged in a box as they would be in a case of type (with J and U following Z) since those letters were not used by early English printers. Two sides of each block include a variety of handset patterns created from American Type Founder’s Dainty Border No. 1—that like the border—can be arranged to delight. Two bonus blocks are included with catchwords “and” “the” plus ampersand and exclamation marks." Fine. Bright and clean. Aluminum box with 28 letterpress printed paper boxes. 11.5 x 2 x 9"; each cube 1.5". np. Edition of 40. Signed by the artist. Item #8417

Price: $500.00

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