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Metamorphosis [Design Binding].

Loket, Czech Republic: Jarmila Jelena Sobota, 2013. Limited Edition. Hardcover. Inside of the box, hidden under the book, is an insect cast in acrylic resin. The insect depicts the author’s idea of “Metamorphosis” of a man changing into a bug.
There are different types of insects used in this edition with each book utilizing one of the insects listed below:
Heterometrus spinifer Malaysian forest scorpion
Rhomborrhina gigantea (Green) Scarab beetles
Prosopocoilus astacoides Beetle of the Family Lucanidae
Prosopocoilus astacoides Beetle of the Family Lucanidae
Prosopocoilus astacoides Beetle of the Family Lucanidae
Brachypelma klaasi Mexican pink tarantula
Vespa mandarinia Asian giant hornet
This is what the maker of the Insects cast in acrylic resin says about his work:
“The insects cast in acrylic resin are fascinating specimens of the insect kingdom.
Creepy scorpions, luscious colors of the Green Rose Chafer, in such detail that you can see the eye and the sophisticated body structure, feet, as well as antennae and hair! Yes, that provides detailed representatives from the insect kingdom embedded in high-quality acrylic resin. Its clarity even seems like glass! Real insects in resin put there in a position to create unique learning tools, relics, collectibles, decorative objects and unconventional and surprising gifts.
"Yes" nature and its beauty is not the exception and please note that there was no unnecessary killing insects to embed into the resin. Let us specify this straight away, animal rights supporters are certainly calmed when we confirm that we do not kill insects - insects in the resin are always watered until their natural death. These insects are grown on farms that are specific to each exclusively designed breed”. Signed by Sobota. Fine in Fine Archival Box. Tight, bright, and unmarred. Full mustard leather boards, “Bradel” binding structure, goatskin used for the cover has a batik design, laser-cut figure onlay hand tooled and painted with acrylic; leather strip wrap; printed paper archival box with acrylic inlay at bottom with encased insect. Approx. 3x3". 105pp. Numbered limited edition of 13. Item #8633

Price: $475.00

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