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Ba Suri.

New York: Khelcom Press. Limited Edition. Hardcover. "Ba Suri A-Chali" means "Suriland Peace Only". "Ba Suri enquires as to cultural continuity through statements of elders, songs forming an oral tradition centered around their livelihood, and especially the education of the youth. To this end, the sections are as follows:
1. A brief introduction to the locale and People
2. A "Background" or Preface that introduces the visit by Mr. Bogardus and immediately brings quotations by Suri people about their lives. Through plates, the environs and aspects of village life and physical apperance as pretaining to cultural identiy are demonstrated. Songs are interpreted, point to the centrality of animal husbandry in their lives and the living space required to sustain it.
3: "Saguine" (pronounced "Sa-geen-ah) is the right of stickdueling. it is seen a central manifestation of Culture.
4: "Wowo" is the children's mimicry of and education about Saguine.
5: "Kurrum" is the King's home and the sacred mountain of Suriland, and through statements by the King and his brother the vision and concerns of the spiritual leaders are set forth.
6: The "Afterword" is general commentary by the interpreter about the Suri.
7: The "Future" comes back to words given by children and images, showing their hopes and aspirations, as the ones who will remain. Fine in Fine Archival Case. Tight, bright and unmarred. Binding and matchind drop-spine case by Gray Parrot. fo. np. Illus. (b/w plates). Numbered limited edition. Item #8773

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