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[Manuscript: Cat-Fighting Transvestites]. Collection of 22 unpublished short stories (typescripts), including "I Fight Female," "My Maiden Girl Fight," "The Tress Tugger" [Cat-Fights / She-Fights].

[Sydney]: Susan Ondine, nd [circa 2005]. Original Printing. Original Sheets. Highly curious collection of manuscripts, being 22 unpublished Cross-Dressing Catfight fetish stories written by one "Susan Ondine, the Catfight Queen," a pseudonym for an unidentified Australian (?) transvestite male. We have uncovered instances of Susan Ondine's participation in, and contributions to, online Catfight forums and chat-rooms, including some fictional stories. Apparently none of the stories in the present collection were ever published (online or in print). The terminal date of 2005 is supported by the fact that most of the manuscripts were typed on sheets of Eaton's "Corrasable" typing paper which by 2005 was no longer manufactured. From his online postings we have learned that Susan Ondine is (or was?) an erstwhile "family man" and "professional." In one post Susan Ondine reveals that "I don't want to actually hurt anyone but it's one more step in being really female, if you can fight that way too." While the above statement suggests that Susan Ondine is a transgendered woman, technically he is a transvestic fetishist who is sexually arousal by dressing as a woman and fighting women. Thus the present collection explores transvestism and transgender roles through fiction, often pornographic. "Catfighting" devotees are usually male, and have a fetishistic appreciation of (and perhaps participate in) real or simulated female-on-female fighting. Susan Ondine belongs to a very small number of males who either engage in these activities, or long to do so. Susan Ondine's website was apparently abandoned in 2002. He states that "This site is hosted by Susan Ondine for those who enjoy the sight and sounds and feelings of women in their unique feminine battles. Because I have enjoyed reading, writing about and viewing catfights between women on video, film and watching real or simulated action over many years. I am much more than an ordinary fan. I now dress as a woman to take part in catfights myself in full street clothes, high heels and all, before the clothing suffers the inevitable damage to reveal the glamorous undies which add so much to the spectacle. I am 5'6" and weigh 140 pounds and like nothing better than the traditional slapping, hair-pulling, roll-around catfights as typified in the early Stanton artwork and the videos of California Wildcats and Crystal Films." The name Stanton refers to Eric Stanton (1926-1999), an artist primarily known for 1960s sleaze paperbacks and comics ("Stantoons"), in which are depicted dominant women and fighting femmes. Concerning his fighting techniques, Susan Ondine states that he "learned from watching women going at it in the movies and the occasional real fight, before graduating into fights of my own with the help of a Sydney, Australian professional woman in her studio. At special sessions I watch and video real women in catfights and often challenge the woman or another cross-dresser. Now I know what our favorite girls go through in their feminine free-for-alls." References the work of J.T. (John Thomas) Edson (1928-2014), a prolific English author of escapism adventure and police-procedural novels, almost all of which described catfights in considerable detail. While the name "Susan Ondine" appears as the author of the first story, but not the others, it seems probable that all were written by him; but if not, who were these authors, and why was the present collection assembled? CONTENTS OF THE COLLECTION: I Fight Female (4 pages) Pull Her Hair, Honey! (2 pages) Powder-Room Cat-Fight (1 page) Bedroom Battle (3 pages) Susan and Kitty Go West (2 pages) Peggy and Debbie (5 pages) The Thompsons Meet The Petersons (28 pages) Lady's Companion Required (9 pages) High School Hasslers (3 pages) Elevator Encounter (5 pages) Quiet Village (10 pages) My Maiden Girl Fight (As Told to a Sixteen-Year-Old Schoolgirl) (7 pages) A Countess Speaks (7 pages) Picking a Roomate (6 pages) Mexican Holiday (10 pages) Taking the Pill (8 pages) Barbi's Dream (2 pages) One of a Kind (18 pages) The Tress Tuggers (6 pages) The Stepdaughters (8 pages) The Matrons (4 pages) Latin-American Tango (3 pages). Near Fine in Archival Box. Item #8968 Some marking from paperclips, else bright and clean. Typescripts, together 151 sheets (typed on rectos), containing 22 stories, each story enclosed within an acid-free sleeve, the whole collection preserved in a burgundy cloth drop-spine archival case. 8vo. np.
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