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Small collection of Robert Crumb and underground art comic books.

Various publishers, 1964-1978. [Most/All are First Printings]. Original Wraps. Robert Crumb, aka R. Crumb, is the megalith of subversive, underground, hyper-sexualized comic book illustrators. Crumb first published his psychedelic and explicit Zap Comix in 1968, at the height of the visual art revolution in San Francisco. He is most known for the creation of “Fritz the Cat,” a perverted feline with obscene and adventurous antics and “Mr. Natural,” an old guy with a long white beard resembling a biblical prophet who spouts contrived metaphysical philosophies and easy living. Crumb also collaborated early on with 60s biker icon and artist, S. Clay Wilson on Snatch Comics. Crumb has received both accolade and disdain for his characters, at times, because of his pornographic and disturbing representations of women and sexuality. Regardless of interpretation, his thick line, gritty style of drawing and crass narratives inspired other illustrators to publish on the fringes of censorship and the underground milieu.
Contents include:
Zap Comix, 1968, Number 0, Number 1-5
Snatch Comics, 1968, Number 1-2 with S. Clay Wilson
R. Crumb’s Comics and Stories, April 1964, Number 1
Uneeda Comix, July 1970
Motorcity Comics, April 1969
Big Ass Comics, June 1969
Coochy Cooty, Print Mint, 1970
S. Clay Wilson, “Funkadelic” 1967
Bijou Funnies, 1968, Number 1-2
Snarf, 1978, Volume 1, Number 8
Mondo Snarfo, September 1978, Number 1 [2 copies]
Spirit, 1978, Number 19
Banzai!, 1978, Number 1
Insect Fear, 1970, Number 2
San Francisco Comic Book, 1970
Sleazy Scandals of the Silver Screen, 1978, Number 1, enlarged version
Yellow Dog, 1968-1969, Volume 1, 1-7 [2 copies of Number 7]; Volume 2, Number 3; Volume 2, Number 13 [Large format newsprint]. Very Good+ in Wraps. Full color and black and white illustrations.Staple bound. Little, to no shelf wear, intact and bright. Item #9117

Price: $4,500.00

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