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Music to Strip By [Vinyl LP, Bonus Free "G" string].

Surprise Records Corporation, nd [circa 1960]. Recorded by Bob Freedman in Boston, Massachusetts in the late 1950's at Ace Recording Studios. "The original album was made to take advantage of the popularity of David Rose's recording "The Stripper" by a company in New Jersey. I was the studio's staff arranger so I was assigned to write the arrangements, lead the band and I played alto saxophone on a few of the tunes. Many of the other players were my friends from the Herb Pomeroy band. The producers of the album consulted with a former ecdysiast who gave lessons in that art to ladies who aspired to the profession. She chose the tunes and was present at the recording sessions to advise us about tempi and to coach the drummer (Alan Dawson) on the types of beat that were appropriate for each tune. The album sold well to young dancers who used it to perform in circumstances in which no band was available to accompany them. As to the music that is here: the transfer from vinyl to digital is very clean, so there's little or no audible surface noise. The performances are what they are, some more interesting than others. (Keep in mind what they were made for.) Ace Recording's staff never got great compliments for their prowess as engineers and the room itself was acoustically terrible. Ace always paid under scale to the musicians - except when we needed strings or other “legit” players from the Boston Symphony. I didn't make much money there but Ace provided me with a lot of on-the-job experience which was of great benefit to me when I graduated to New York City in the 1960's. I got no royalties from the album sales and I have no financial interest in sales of this download. In fact I paid for mine earlier today. N.B. This review was written as a historical note. I am neither suggesting that anyone purchase the download nor am I suggesting that you not buy it. Onward . . . ." (Robert M. Freedman, October 24, 2015). Near Fine. Minimal shelf/edge wear, else bright and clean. Color printed album sleeve with notches for the straps of the added Gstring string; album appears unscratched and playable. Item #9193

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