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Barcelona: Nowhereman Press, 2016. Limited Edition. Hardcover. This book is part of the project "words" of the English group AMBruno. The text is Wallace Stevens' poem 'The House was quiet and the world was warm.' The artist, exploring the premise that words are possible thanks to the space that occupy each letter, breaks the work down letter by letter...maintaining position on each leaf. Unfolding across 26 pages, all iterations of each order...are printed on a single page. Each letter therein creates its own suggestive landscapes. Elegant and beautiful in its simplicity.

The project was defined by this statement: "Artists' books transform the condition of bookness, and complicate it. In almost every case, attention to the book's visual presence - its objectness - is pronounced, in a manner that embraces elements from painting, sculpture, collage and filmic techniques. Some [...] are made for reading; some for looking; some for touching; many for all three. In content, they range from political statements, to formal meditations, to personal fantasies; they are also visually wild, inscrutable and weird." [Holland Cotter (Introduction) in The Century of Artists' Books (Joanne Drucker, 2004)]. Fine. Tight, bright, and unmarred. White paper boards, black ink lettering, printed accordion-fold binding. Binding Poncho Martínez Numbered, limited edition, this being 18 of 30. 8vo. np. Signed by the artist. Item #9258

Price: $850.00