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Booty Girls.

San Francisco, CA: Cuba, 2018. Unique. Hardcover. Acrylic paint marker drawings on paper. Artist' shop-book, used to test/design work and color schemes. A unique books of acrylic paint marker drawings of graffiti murals, most of which have been executed on walls throughout the San Francisco Bay area from 2009– 2012. This is an amazingly beautiful example of urban art, and valuable primary research materials for African American studies, calligraphy, type design, urban studies, art history and visual art. This an unusual work, as he seldom does 'women', focused typically on more political issues. Here he blends women and politics with style and flare. Also, unusually, he includes a small self portrait. Cuba is one of the grandfathers of the San Francisco Mission School, supplying both the aesthetic styles and the radical leftist politics that formed what may be the only coherent new school of American art since the Punk/graf rock art scene of the 1980s. “It was a lot of punk rock shows and stuff like that. There was always graffiti in these places and I was just like, "Who is this guy? I keep on seeing this guy." There was this one guy, Cuba, he wrote "Cuba" and it was at all the same hardcore shows in the bathroom, on the door, and on the street. And then I was like "What, who's doing this?" It was different than my idea of what graffiti was before that.” - Barry McGee, in PBS’s Art of this Century, 2005 "We want to flex our skills and make the community look better," says the 41-year-old painter known as Cuba, who has been working on walls, with and without permission, for more than 25 years. "It's our own form of urban renewal." -San Francisco Chronicle, Monday, March 7, 2005. Fine. Item #9560 Minor edge wear, else tight, bright, and unmarred. Loosely bound sheets. 8vo. np. Illus. (colored plates). Unique copy. Signed by the artist.
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