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Bakelite Hard Disc Stack.

Japan: Jupiter Corp. nd [circa 1967]. First Edition. Early example of trade-show swag, this by one of the first removable hard-drive manufactures (following IBM and BASF). No other copies located in any collections.
Caelus was an early IBM-San Jose spin-off in 1966, founded as the first supplier of "IBM Clone" 14 inch magnetic disks and disk packs used initially in IBM's 1311 and 2311, later including 2314 and 3330. The company obtained an IBM patent license, and worked with IBM to obtain special test equipment. Due to the "clone" nature of the disk (same materials and process as IBM) it was favored by many drive makers who had designed equipment around the properties of IBM media. Other suppliers [e.g. BASF a month or so earlier] often invented their own processes, and not all disks behaved exactly like IBM product, so Caelus had a short term compatibility advantage. Near Fine. Minor shelf wear, else bright and clean. Clear plastic lid, stack of six discs in brown and white, base in dark green and grey. Approx. 6" in diameter. Item #9797

Price: $350.00