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Natura et Corporis.

Mexico City: Arts & Graphics with Giovanni Troconi, 2017. Limited Edition. "This lovely portfolio-style artist book with work by Tatiana Parcero includes a striking cross-section of images: 9 prints on photo-paper and a photo-transfer on wood, for a total of 10 works with a poem by Mexican writer, publisher, and educator Alberto Roy Sanchez and certificate. Not only is this a wonderful representation of an established body of work by Parcero, it bridges series, and foreshadows future works.
Most of the work included in the folio is from the Artist's established Universus series, which explores the body and its connections to the world through naturalists drawings and broken landscapes in diptych form. It also includes a work on wood; this piece is a link to newer and still evolving series and experimentations, so the folio should prove to be a pinnacle and a pivot piece; it marks a shift in the artist's work and visual investigations.
Yet undefined, the new work seeks to make connections between wood and bone. The artist's choice to work on Kiri (or Paulownia) wood is interesting due to its properties. The Paulownia tree is common across Eastern Asia, and can grow even in poor soil. It is the fastest growing hardwood, but is light, warp-resistant, and won't quickly dull a blade. Nearly every bit of this wood is useful. The wood is commonly used to make trunks or carvings. Charcoal for drawing can be made from its ashes, and powder for fireworks can be made of its sawdust. The artist finds the history of the material interesting, and is intrigued by qualities she sees it has in common with bones." [publisher's statement]. Fine. Bright and clean. Black cloth box, unbound contents: 6 archival prints at 30x30 cm; 3 archival prints at 30x60 cm; 1 photo-transfer on Kiri wood at 20x20 cm; 1 Poem by Alberto Roy Sanchez; Contained in folio box, 4to. np. Illus. Numbered limited edition of 20. Item #9877

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