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Object n. Object v.

Portland, Oregon: Scantron Press, 2016. Limited Edition. "object n., object v. was created to link present day gender inequality to our ancient past. Male control over women’s bodies and women’s sexuality continues around the world, as does the hierarchy of objective beauty. While the ancient Greeks were oppressing and objectifying.....  Item #9240
Price: $10,000.00

Punctuated Weaving.

Alexandra Janezic, 2015. Limited Edition. Hardcover. Punctuated Weaving is a suite of five letterpress sheets by Alexandra Janezic. Inspired by the process of weaving, each print is composed of individual lines of punctuation repeated to create a sense of woven work, textually. "Punctuated Weaving looks to imbue letterpress printing with...  Item #9179
Price: $800.00

A Child of Books [Fine Art Print Edition].

London: Arc Artist Editions, 2016. Limited Edition. Hardcover. Includes: - 19 archival fine art prints - Signed first edition copy of A Child of Books - Process Book, containing notes, early sketches, archive of project This Process Book is accompanied by 19 archival fine art prints and a signed first...  Item #9281
Price: $3,400.00

Memoirs of a Magdalen; or, the History of Louisa Mildmay [in two volumes].

London: Printed for Harrison and Company, 1782; [1767]. Reprint. Half Calf. In 1767 Hugh Kelly, Irish writer and attorney, published his only novel, "Memoirs of a Magdalen," the story of a young woman seduced by the rakish Sir Robert Harold, before their marriage. Out of shame and disgrace, she is...  Item #9331
Price: $120.00

Lunch is Very Important: All the Secrets to Life You Never Knew You Knew.

HamburgerVampire, 2014. First Printing. Loose Cards. Artist Zebadiah Keneally's unique Tarot deck as used in his performance of Hamburger Vampire. An 'appropriated deck', Keneally went through a tarot deck and executed a drawing 'in response' to each card...creating this deck. Bright and clean. Printed cards; matching box. 5x3.5" np. Illus...   Item #9169
Price: $225.00

Voyaging Southward from the Strait of Magellan [Art Binding].

New York: Grosset and Dunlap, 1924/1968. Revised Edition. Hardcover. "Kent's account of refitting a boat and the difficult journey he has at the southern tip of south america is beautifully illustrated in his trademark style. The binding design is meant to evoke both the rigging on a sailboat and the...  Item #9165
Price: $2,250.00

Pictures of Oriental Life [for Educational Institutions].

Boston, MA: Foster Brothers, [1916]. First Edition. Original Wraps. An ad in "The Nation" newspaper, June 29, 1916: Messrs. Foster Brothers of Boston have secured the publishers' rights to a large number of photographic negatives taked from life by T.R. Kimball and H.P. Kimball in their journeys through India, Japan...  Item #9404
Price: $875.00

False Positive.

Boston, MA: Self-published, 1988. First Edition. Original Wraps. Another weird and eccentric 1980s self-produced zine, this publication having a theme of "cars and crime." Part punk and political, with several contributors, including Robert Carr of "Smurfs in Hell." Collages by D. Kossy, Laura Poll, Michael Shores, Jesse Merrick, Chris Magson...  Item #9341
Price: $200.00

Masquerade Erotic Book Society Newsletter.

New York: Masquerade Books, 1992. First Edition. Original Wraps. Short-lived erotic and BDSM literary newsletter based out of New York City, includes editorials and book reviews. In excellent condition, staple bound, in original wrappers. Black and white with illustrations and photographs. Two issues (May/June) and (September/October), 1992.  Item #9346
Price: $60.00

RISE UP, RESIST, REJECT: A Citizen's Manual.

Northampton, MA: Double Elephant Press, 2016. First Edition. Original Prints. Bright and unmarred. Magnetically mounted prints housed in a corrugated plastic case for storage and display.  Item #9238
Price: $300.00

Lemons Descending: Music, Poetry, Etchings.

[Northampton, MA]: Oxingale Press, 2000. Limited Edition. Hardcover. The innaugural publication of the Oxingale Press. A musical collaboration with cellist Matt Haimovitz and composer Luna Woolf, performed by soprano Eileen Clark and Haimovitz. The music of the album inspired the book of poems, featuring original color etchings by Kuch, whose...  Item #9177
Price: $2,250.00

Scotland: Historic and Romantic [Volume II].

Philadelphia, PA: John C. Winston Company, 1901. First Edition. Hardcover. Nice and historic travel volume for Scottish history and landscape. Tight, bright, and unmarred. Apparent water damage on back cover, wear to extremities, missing title, i-iv pages. Bound in dark red cloth, with bright gilt thistles and armorial decorations on...   Item #9643
Price: $25.00

Alton Trials: of Winthrop S. Gilman, who was indicted with Enoch Long, Amos B. Roff . and Taddeus B. Hurlbut for the Crime of Riot, ... while engaged in defending a Printing Press from an attack made on it at that time by An Armed Mob. Also the trial John Solomon ... for a riot committed in Alton ... unlawfully and forcibly entering the warehouse of Godfrey, Gilman & Co., and breaking up and destroying a Printing Press.

New York: John F Trow, 1838. First Edition. Hardcover. On November 7, 1837, Elijah Parish Lovejoy (borning in Albion, Maine) was killed by a pro-slavery mob while defending the site of his press, The Saint Louis Observer, renowned for producing abolitionist tracts. For many, Lovejoy was a martyr to the cause...  Item #9774
Price: $500.00

Brother Sister.

New York: Nancy Loeber, 2016. Limited Edition. Hardcover. Bright, and unmarred. White leather spine, white paper boards, grey/red/blue ink lettering, reduction woodcuts. 4to. np. Illus. (color prints). Numbered limited edition of 25; Making Copy includes original drawing and a woodblock, Deluxe Copy includes drawing.  Item #9245
Price: $600.00

Brother Sister [Deluxe Copy].

New York: Nancy Loeber, 2016. Limited Edition. Hardcover. Bright, and unmarred. White leather spine, white paper boards, grey/red/blue ink lettering, reduction woodcuts. 4to. np. Illus. (color prints). Numbered limited edition of 25; Making Copy includes original drawing and a woodblock, Deluxe Copy includes drawing.  Item #9244
Price: $1,000.00

Ornamental Digressions.

New York: Russell Maret, 2016. Limited Edition. Hardcover. "In 2011 Joe Whitlock-Blundell asked me to design the binding for The Folio Society's edition of The Sound of the Fury. Joe had liked the patterned paper I designed for Specimens of Diverse Characters and he asked me to emulate it for...  Item #9227
Price: $1,500.00

Linear A to Linear Z [Art Binding].

New York: Maret, Russell, 2015. Limited Edition. Hardcover. "There is very little text in Linear A to Linear Z, being composed mostly of abstract letterforms, and the binding reflects this simplicity. The entirety of the introduction states "A letterform is a spatial disturbance; an act of interference on an otherwise...  Item #9166
Price: $2,500.00

King Leer: A Tragedy in Five Puppets.

Iowa City, IA: Naughty Dog Press, 2018. Limited Edition. "Five puppets in a boxed set, four of the puppets have quotations from our 45th and current president. The 2016 election results turned my thoughts to the character of King Lear and from there they descended to King Leer. If Hillary...  Item #9575
Price: $850.00

Funny Ha Ha / Funny Peculiar.

Iowa City, IA: Naughty Dog Press, 2016. Limited Edition. Hardcover. "Funny Ha Ha Funny Peculiar or Funny Peculiar Funny Ha Ha is the result of my extended study of Shakespeare's comedies. I find the comedies individually to be enjoyable but there is a sameness to many of the plots that...  Item #9269
Price: $2,250.00

[Collection of popular 18th century English satire and poetry 'sammelband' pamphlets].

United Kingdom (various): 1704-1710. Second Printing. Hardcover. A collection of poetry tracts in the 18th century assembled and bound as a set showcasing typical and popular poetry writing and style in England. This was a common practice to gather political satire and literary tracts and bind them together, generally at...  Item #9200
Price: $5,000.00

The 50 Card Project [originals plus book].

Cheshire, MA: 29 Press, 2017. Limited Edition. Hardcover. Mowinski's project began on inauguration day of 2017. Every week for 50 weeks, she printed a new postcard, in letterpress type, linoleum blocks, and other techniques. Each card was sent to 15–20 Washington D.C. officials, including the president and vice president, the...  Item #9627
Price: $550.00

In Quest of the Perfect Book:. Reminiscences & Reflections of a Bookman.

Boston, MA: Little, Brown & Co. 1926. Second Impression of the Trade Edition. Hardcover. Orcutt was a book and type designer who work with/at the renowned Plimpton Press. A relatively well crafted tale, nicely illustrated, exploring the nuances of the book arts in nearly all its facets. Sections include Baskerville...  Item #9151
Price: $75.00

Osman's Palmistry Instructor, or Easy Method of Reading Hands A Practical and Original System of Self-Instruction in the Science of Palmistry; whereby Everyone's Character, Past, Present and All Future Affairs of Life Can Be Easily Read; Disease Diagnosed, etc.; Profusely illustrated.

New York: Leo S. Osman, 1899. First Edition. Original Wraps. Interesting pamphlet covering naturopathic medicine and palmistry sciences through the "language of the hand." Independent practitioner and healer, Leo Osman promoted sexual and health magnetism, occult forces, and spirit aurapathy. A trade not uncommon in the late 19th century occult...  Item #9649
Price: $225.00

Encuadres, Personal Diary.

Mexico City: Nowhere Man Press, 2000. Limited Edition. Original Wraps. "The idea of this book was to extract a series of texts from the artist’s personal diary, which would enable one to recognize, rather than the content of the text, the emotion that accompanied the experience, reflected in the many.....  Item #9268
Price: $2,500.00

Memoria [Memory].

Barcelona: Nowhereman Press, 2013. Limited Edition. Hardcover. "Throughout history, books have always served as a recording tool, in which the testimony of something that has left a mark on the work of humanity is recorded for posterity. Memory is the cut that is made line by line as though it...  Item #9265
Price: $5,500.00

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