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2002-2003: Miquel Barceló.

Barcelona, Spain: Carnets de Peintre, 2003. Limited Edition. Hardcover. 2002-2003. Miquel Barceló The artist’s handwritten pages have been transcribed under the supervision of José Díaz for printing at the Atelier du Livre d’Art et de l’Estampe at the Imprimerie Nationale. The manual typesetting consists of placing the letters one by.....  Item #9934
Price: $6,050.00


Barcelona, Spain: Nowhereman Press, 2018. Limited Edition. Hardcover. "nfra mince is a term used by Marcel Duchamp to describe perceptions so tiny you can barely see, feel and repair. This book is divided in two parts, each of them contains two smaller books in with a sequence of photographs of...  Item #9935
Price: $1,500.00

Encuadres, Personal Diary.

Mexico City: Nowhereman Press, 2000. Limited Edition. Original Wraps. "The idea of this book was to extract a series of texts from the artist’s personal diary, which would enable one to recognize, rather than the content of the text, the emotion that accompanied the experience, reflected in the many facets.....  Item #9268
Price: $2,500.00

Lecturas del Espacio.

Mexico City: 2007. Limited Edition. Hardcover. "There are many images and pictures to which we are exposed daily and which we read about time and space without being aware of this. As a result of this idea, a total of twelve images that are familiar to everyone when they accompanied...  Item #9873
Price: $575.00

Memoria [Memory].

Barcelona: Nowhereman Press, 2013. Limited Edition. Hardcover. "Throughout history, books have always served as a recording tool, in which the testimony of something that has left a mark on the work of humanity is recorded for posterity. Memory is the cut that is made line by line as though it...  Item #9265
Price: $5,500.00


Barcelona: Nowhereman Press, 2016. Limited Edition. Hardcover. This book is part of the project "words" of the English group AMBruno. The text is Wallace Stevens' poem 'The House was quiet and the world was warm.' The artist, exploring the premise that words are possible thanks to the space that occupy...  Item #9258
Price: $850.00