• J & J Sobota Bindings: Large and Small

    A small selection of Jan & Jarmila Sobota design bindings. Four are large (2 by Jan and 2 by Jarmila) and the rest miniatures by Jarmila.

  • Occult and Esoterica V2

    A reasonably manageable collection of interesting and unusual items spanning time and and type. With luck, there will be at least one or two things you’ve never seen nor heard of before. Enjoy.

  • Visionaire Collection (Near Complete Run)

  • NYC ABAA Book Fair 2018 - Booth E3

    Please enjoy our show list that includes most of what will be in our booth for the NYC ABAA book fair (Booth E3). A few surprises are held back, because surprises should surprise. Hope to see you there. 

  • CA ABAA Book Fair 2018

    This catalogue includes most of what we will be bringing to the CA ABAA fair, with a handful of surprises to be debuted at the show. Images upon request.

  • Photography: Winter 2017

    A Mirror to Summon: Selections of Photography. World travel to dangerous women to the circus, war, fetishism, and more. With luck, something for everyone.

  • 2017 Boston ABAA Book Fair Show List [minus surprises]

    A reasonably complete list of what is likely to be in the booth for Boston...though does NOT include some very special surprises. I'll be posting a booth tour, as usual.

  • Death Becomes Her...

    On death and print and practice. 


    The black arts do not only refer to printing! Who knew! Herbs, witchcraft, demonology, and estoerica in a variety of iterations. The first of what is likely to be a regularly updated and evolving area for us.

  • New York ABAA Book Fair List 2017

    Show list for the 2017 book fair. 

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