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Adolf Hitler: Bilder aus dem Leben des Fuhrers.

Hamburg: Herausgegeben Vom Cigaretten/Bilderdienst, 1936. First Edition. Hardcover. A 1936 cigarette card album/propoganda piece. Effectively, a tribute to Hitler, detailing his life and evolution to the then Fuhrer in text and tipped in b/w photos. Color printed frontispiece, the rest of the images would be collected and tipped in by...  Item #9363
Price: $450.00

Archive Encompassing the Golden Age of the Great Ocean Liners.

Various: Various, nd [circa 1880-1930]. The history of ocean liners is the history of western prosperity, the lure of emigration and the race for technology to catch up with both. The roots of passenger liners are based in 1818, when the Black Ball shipping line of New York started offering...  Item #9174
Price: $32,000.00

Fire Balloon [Montgolfier].

England: nd. [circa 1907]. Original Wraps. "The balloons consist of a metal wire framework onto which is pasted coloured tissue paper. At the bottom is a metal ring to which is attached a piece of cotton wool. Each is contained in a tissue envelope with the instructions pasted on the...  Item #9310
Price: $325.00

Frigid Fluid Company funerary supply advertisement and invoice.

Chicago, IL: 1916. Unique. Frigid Fluid Company is a manufacturer of embalmers', undertakers' and cemetery supplies since 1892. The invoice includes ads and images for casket lowering devices, morgue table, viewing couch, ambulance baskets, and more notably, the Hill vice grip chin support for embalming processes. Single double-sided invoice and...   Item #9400
Price: $100.00

Huntley & Palmers Drafts Board with Empire Assorted vs Breakfast Biscuits [Checkers].

London: Huntley & Palmers, nd. [1926]. First Edition. Stiff Boards. "This is a board for a game of draughts, between Empire Assorted and Breakfast Biscuits. The Breakfast Biscuit was invented by Walter Palmer in 1891. Walter was a trained scientist and had been trying to perfect a medicated biscuit which...  Item #9314
Price: $300.00

Music to Strip By [Vinyl LP, Bonus Free "G" string].

Surprise Records Corporation, nd [circa 1960]. Recorded by Bob Freedman in Boston, Massachusetts in the late 1950's at Ace Recording Studios. "The original album was made to take advantage of the popularity of David Rose's recording "The Stripper" by a company in New Jersey. I was the studio's staff arranger...  Item #9193
Price: $450.00

Sherlockiana collection.

1946-2014. Collection of Sherlock Holmes enthusiast related and miscellaneous “Sherlockiana” materials, 1946-2014. The Arthur Conan Doyle Encyclopedia website describes “Sherlockiana” as: People interested in Sherlock Holmes and who enjoy sharing their interest with others are baptized sherlockians or holmesians. Their purpose is to keep green the memory of the detective...  Item #9358
Price: $950.00

Small collection of punk rock and rock'n'roll ephemera and fliers.

California: c.1980-1990s. Unique. Collection contains a selection of material published in and around the Northern California [San Francisco and Berkeley] punk scene between 1980-1995. Includes a few fanzines, including the "Punk Globe: 6th Anniversary Issue," 1984 and approximately 40-50 live show fliers. One notable flier: San Francisco's Lewd, playing with...  Item #9336
Price: $175.00

David and Goliath.

Isreal: Ido Agasii. Limited Edition. This book is in the shape of David’s slingshot. The biblical text from Samuel 17:49 was embossed in gold on the sling both in Korean and Hebrew. The stone is from Ha’ela Valley near Jerusalem were the actual battle between David and Goliath took place. This...  Item #9239
Price: $850.00

Para Tomar Medidas Micropoéticas.

Barcelona: Nowhere Man Press, 2011. Limited Edition. Book Object. Text in Spanish. "Ever since Ximena Pérez Grobet discovered the micropoetess called Ajo, they have collaborated together on this book object. In order to take micropoetic measurements, she attempts, through its form and reading, to introduce the reader to the microworld...  Item #9264
Price: $100.00

Deck of explicit playing cards.

Unknown, c. 1940-1950. First Edition. Standard playing card deck with black and white photographic still images featuring explicit images of men and women engaging in sexual activities; mostly heterosexual and two or three couples together. Not an uncommon printing of playing cards featuring graphic and/or pornographic content, most likely used...  Item #9237
Price: $85.00

A Voyage Round the World in the Years MDCCXL, I, II, III, IV.:. Commander in Chief of a squadron of His Majesty's Ships, sent upon an expedition to the South-Seas. Compiled from papers and other materials of the Right Honourable George Lord Anson, and published under his direction, by Richard Walter, M.A. Chaplain of His Majestyís Ship the Centurion, in that expedition. Illustrated with forty-two copper-plates.

London: for the author, by John and Paul Knapton, 1748. First Edition. Hardcover. Forty-two numbered engraved double-page or folding plates and maps. This copy signed at the dedication page "Mary Pierson", presumed to be wife/daughter of subscriber Peter Pierson. "This is the official account of Ansonís voyage. England, at war with...  Item #9208
Price: $5,000.00

Balook [Final draft typescript].

np: np, 1990. First Edition/Unique. Original Wraps/Envelop. The complete typescript and author's note for Anthony's 1990 young-adult sci-fi novel BALOOK, the publisher's copy sent by Anthony to his publisher Underwood-Miller who brought the novel out in 1990. Published the same year as Michael Crichton's JURASSIC PARK, Anthony's story also revolves...  Item #9199
Price: $750.00

CONCINNITAS [Complete Set of Equations].

Portland, OR: Parasol Press, 2014. Limited Edition. Loose Sheets. A collection of 10 aquatints on Rives Paper. Leon Battista Alberti, renaissance scholar, artist and architect, coined the term Concinnitas to connote the beauty found in the confluence of perfect uses of number, position and outline. In 2012, Parasol commissioned ten...  Item #9325
Price: $12,500.00

The New Concrete: Visual Poetry in the 21st Century.

London: Hayward Publishing, 2016. Limited Edition. Original Wraps. "This sumptuously designed, colourful and beguiling anthology begins with a compendium of quotations on the nature of concrete poetry from poets past and present. The Bolivian poet, Eugen Gomringer, sums up the spirit of the early concrete movement: ‘The purpose of reduced...  Item #9270
Price: $3,000.00

Bagatelles for Cornell.

Northampton, MA: Propolis Press, c. 2012. Hardcover. "Bagatelles for Cornell is a new artist’s book with poems by Lee Ann Brown and images by Karen Pava Randall. An homage to the early 20th century collage artist and inveterate wanderer of New York City, Joseph Cornell, the book evokes the cityscape...  Item #9159
Price: $2,000.00

A Burlesque Translation of Homer (Two Volumes) Homer Travestie: The Fourth Edition Improved [Fine Binding].

London: G. G. and J. Robinson. Printed by S. Hamilton, 1797. Fourth Edition/First Thus. Hardcover. Signed Zaehnsdorf binding. Bookplates of Framroze Edulji Dinshaw [died 1936], noted Indian real estate figure, and Philip Pleydell-Bouverie (1788 – 27 May 1872). The second shows "Philip" crossed out and Henry H. added (Henry Hales...  Item #9214
Price: $750.00

Earth Clock, 2017.

Morgan Hill, CA: Midnight Moon Press, 2017. Limited Edition. Earth Clock is meant as both an educational tool and a call to action. To create both a sense of urgency and the beginning of understanding. To present both facts and a sense of the long history of our avoidance and...  Item #9383
Price: $3,000.00

Tarzan: Lord of the Jungle.

Chicago, IL: A.C. McClurg & Company, 1928. St. John, J. Allen. First Edition. Hardcover. "Generally considered to be the eleventh novel of the series, "Tarzan: Lord of the Jungle" marks an important transition in the plot-type presented in the Tarzan series, presaged by the earlier Tarzan the Untamed. Previous novels...  Item #9217
Price: $75.00

The Silver Stallion.

New York: Robert Mcbride, 1928. First Illustrated Edition. Hardcover. Contains eleven full-page illustrations and additional head and tail pieces by Frank C. Pape. Minor shelf/edge wear, hint of even toning to the leaves, else tight, bright, and unmarred; DJ shows minor shelf/edge wear, else bright and clean. Black cloth boards...   Item #9153
Price: $145.00

Gallantry:. An Eighteenth Century Dizain in Ten Comedies, with an Afterpiece.

New York: Harper & Brothers, 1907. First Edition. Hardcover. A very handsome copy of this Pyle illustrated classic. Uncommon in such nice condition, quite scarce with original DJ. Minimal shelf/edge wear, owner plate at rear pastedown, else tight, bright and unmarred. Original printed glassine DJ, toned and carefully repaired, several...   Item #9152
Price: $245.00

The Funeral Procession of Queen Elizabeth I, From a Drawing of the Time, Supposed to be the Hand of William Camden, Then Clarencieux King at Arms, Which Was in the Possession of John Wilmot Esq, FRS & by Him Deposited in the British Museum.

London: Society of Antiquaries, 1791. First Edition. Hardcover. Custom folder holding folding panorama, engraved plates joined on versos to form continuous view: 9 and 3/8 inches by nearly 29 feet. Spectacular hand-colored panorama of the funeral procession of Queen Elizabeth I in April 1603, reproducing drawings in the British Museum...  Item #9317
Price: $12,500.00

Smurfs in Hell.

Boise, ID: Freeloader Press, 1987. First Edition. Original Wraps. Like many of his peers during the Reagan years, Robert Carr appears to a post-punk DIY zine-maker, producing self-made political and satire zines during the 1980s. Carr was also an early adopter tech wizard creating underground video games, as the PowerMac...  Item #9340
Price: $300.00

Russian Alices: Illustrated Editions of Alice in Wonderland from the USSR and the Post-Soviet Era.

London: Artist's Choice Editions, 2013. Limited Edition. Hardcover. Includes a Checklist of more than sixty illustrated books. There are two editions, both numbered and bound in a Continental style binding. “With the advent of Glasnost, in the late ’80s, there was a resurgence of illustrated editions of Lewis Carroll’s Alice...  Item #9198
Price: $750.00

Heroes of Ancient Israel playing cards.

Burlingame, California: Historicana, 2011. Collector's edition. In the 1930s, Arthur Szyk joined a storied artistic tradition by illustrating an exquisite set of playing cards. Painted in his highest style in watercolor and gouache on paper, the twelve court cards—four Kings, four Queens, and four Jacks—each feature a different Jewish hero from...  Item #9329
Price: $75.00

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