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Kammavaca Manuscript.

Burma (Myanmar): nd [circa 19th cent.]. Kammavaca are among the most sacred of Burmese religious texts. Kammavaca (kammavaca in Pali) consist of nine Khandakas from the Pali Vinaya Pitaka, each of which relates to a specific ceremony associated with monks of the Theravada school of Buddhism. "Kammavaca are volumes of...  Item #6971
Price: $4,500.00

Paramount Service Magazine Bound Volumes. 1921-1938 (18 Volumes).

London: Paramount Studios, 1921-1938. First Edition(s). Hardcover. In-house magazine for Paramount Films, aimed at Cinema Managers. These wonderful volumes include screen stills, film backgrounds, Boise, "story inserts" (for local paper republication), "poster ads," and wonderful images of local theaters. All volumes came from the Kobel Collection. Kobel was apparently in...  Item #1979
Price: $25,000.00

Ford Model A: Land of Israel.

Israel: Even Hoshen, 2010. Limited Edition. Original Wraps. A facsimile of what is believed to be the first automobile marketing publication printed in Hebrew. "This booklet is a facsimile reprint edition of the original catalog of the Ford Model A. In this reproduction we strived to maintain the quality of...  Item #8733
Price: $1,000.00

100 Burning Houses. [book art].

Portland, ME: 1995. Unique Work. In the artist's words: "One of a number of books based on a vivid, haunting dream, possibly fueled by an overdose of Leonard Cohen poetry (“all your houses are burning”...)." In a period where a fair bit of "book art" is glib, Cawley's work is...  Item #4463
Price: $1,000.00

Small collection of Robert Crumb and underground art comic books.

Various publishers, 1964-1978. [Most/All are First Printings]. Original Wraps. Robert Crumb, aka R. Crumb, is the megalith of subversive, underground, hyper-sexualized comic book illustrators. Crumb first published his psychedelic and explicit Zap Comix in 1968, at the height of the visual art revolution in San Francisco. He is most known...  Item #9117
Price: $4,500.00

M[y] Thieving Hands: A Story of Jean Genet.

New York: Poote Press, 2005. Limited Edition. Hardcover. "Jean Genet has spoken to me with surprising lucidity about life, love and morality. He saw beauty in the grotesque and elevated it to the status of a diamond. When I look through this diamond, I see life with a unique clarity...  Item #7613
Price: $850.00

Stung [Artist Book].

State College, PA: Self-Published, 2013. Unique. Hardcover. Stung "is a creation several years in the making. A wasp nest materialized in our yard, where it needed to be put to rest. After the wasps had been disposed, I saved the nest. The many layers of paper intrigued me and I....  Item #8380
Price: $750.00

The Maine Woods [18 Volumes - 1918 through 1942].

Bangor, ME: Bangor & Aroostook Railroad, 1918-1942. First Edition(s). Original Wraps/Hardcover. Extremely unusual to find such a such a complete run, all maps present. The two volumes that are hardbound include entire volume (front and rear wraps, et al). Includes: 1918; 1921; 1927-1942. A handsome set. Light shelf/edge wear, some...   Item #4691
Price: $1,250.00

The Ingoldsby Legends:. Mirth and Marvels.

London/New York: J. M. Dent & Co. 1907. First Edition thus. Hardcover. Revised from the 1898 edition, greatly expanding on the number of plates (and improving those already present). Entire volume was reset and redesigned for this edition, a vast improvement. A very handsome copy of this wonderful collection. Very...   Item #1501
Price: $500.00


New York: Random House, 1934. First American Edition. Hardcover. DJ designed by Ernst Reichl and shows Reichl's name at bottom right corner. Noted flaws notwithstanding, a presentable copy of the first "legal" publication of this 20th century classic. Light shelf/edge wear, spine shows even toning (wrapping around to front and...   Item #3546
Price: $500.00


Melbourne: Masterthief, 2014. Limited Edition. Hardcover. "Peter Lyssiotis is a photographer/photomonteur, filmmaker, writer and book artist who has worked in the field of bookarts for over 25 years." Tight, bright, and unmarred. Red cloth boards, printed endpages; laid in bookmark. Small 8vo. np. Illus. (color plates). Numbered limited edition, this...   Item #8740
Price: $750.00

The False Gems.

Evanston, IL: The Schori Press. Limited Edition. Hardcover. Tight, bright, and unmarred. Black and green faux leather boards, gilt lettering and decorative elements, rhinestone gem rosette on front cover, aeg with 23k gold leaf, marbled endpapers, unattached colophon, gilt black clamshell box. 65x55mm. np. Illus. (b/w plates). 1 of 5...   Item #8192
Price: $1,250.00

Bartleby the Scrivener.

Vienna: Wolfgang Buchta, 2011. Limited Edition. Hardcover. “In 2009 July, the graphic structure of the newspaper gave me the impulse to draw over it. Then I thought this background was the ideal way for Bartleby. After this decision, I wrote the text by hand. August-December 2009. Drawings on the newspaper...  Item #7623
Price: $10,000.00

Alfred C. Needham: Strictly Private [Holographic Journal].

Personal Journal, 1890s. Hardcover. Alfred Carter Needham was a well known Cape Ann, MA area artist and Yale graduate. Needham was a member of the Copley Society; Rockport Art Assoc.; Gloucester North Shore A.A. He exhibited at the PAFA. Born in 1872, this journal appears to cover his college years...  Item #5300
Price: $1,250.00

The Fall Of The House Of Usher.

New York: Limited Editions Club/Anthoensen Press, 1985. First Edition Thus. Loose Signatures. This is a set of loose signatures of Poe's classic tale printed by the Anthoensen Press on mould-made paper, designed by Ben Shiff and hand-set by Michael and Winifred Bixler. The bound copies were bound by John Isakovics...  Item #2635
Price: $1,250.00

A Baconian Quartet: Francis Bacon Our Shake-Speare [Together with] Bacon and Shakespeare Parallelisms [Together with] Coincidences Bacon and Shakespeare (Two Copies) [Association Copies].

Boston, MA/London: Coburn Publishing/Gay & Bird, 1902/1906. First Edition(s). Hardcover. A lovely collection of Reed's work. Three inscribed by Philip Reed (Edwin's son) to Sam Reed (Edwin's grandson) and include a handwritten family tree including Edwin's parents through his great-grandchildren. The duplicate copy of Coincidences includes a tipped-in photograph of...  Item #7132
Price: $500.00

Nursery Rhymes.

London: The Dropmore Press, 1947. First Edition thus. Hardcover. A very handsome copy of this scarce volume. Genuinely rare in its uncut form. Tight, bright and unmarred. DJ shows touch of wear at head and midpoint (aligned with tabs in slipcase), spine slightly toned. Slipcase shows moderate shelf wear at...   Item #1289
Price: $625.00

Les Tres Riches Heures de Mrs. Mole.

London: Artists' Choice Books, 2011. Limited Edition. Hardcover. When the wife of famed cartoonist Ronald Searle was diagnosed with a virulent strain of breast cancer and given six months to live he did the only think he could do: "From the start he had the idea of giving me a....  Item #7567
Price: $550.00

Sequence One.

New York: Flying Horse Press, 2010. Limited Edition. Hardcover. “For quite some time I’d been turning around in my head the idea of making relief prints using sections of lumber rather than planks of wood. I had already used sections of quarter inch pine to lay out an image on...  Item #7618
Price: $20,000.00

I'll Die Tomorrow.

Berkeley, CA: del Milion Editions, 2009. Limited Edition. Hardcover. I’ll Die Tomorrow was designed, printed, and bound in an edition of forty-five copies by Peter Rutledge Koch with the assistance of Jonathan Gerken at Peter Koch Printers for del Milion Editions. The text, set in Bookman Old Style, is printed...  Item #7640
Price: $750.00

Printer's Blocks.

Tacoma, WA: Springtide Press, 2014. Limited Edition. Loose items in an archival box. "Printer's Blocks is an abecedarium composed of vintage wood type and printer’s blocks letterpress printed on Magnani Revere and formed into cubes. Letters are arranged in a box as they would be in a case of type...  Item #8417
Price: $500.00

In the Beginning [Kaldewey 7].

New York: Kaldewey Press, 1984. Limited Edition. Hinged Metal Binding. The book illustrates the process of the creation of language. The last page includes the first sentence of the earliest known work of Japanese literature. Found in a handful of special collections and believed to be the first brought to...  Item #7629
Price: $7,500.00

Music Masters.

Wenatchee, WA: Mystical Places Press, 2004. Limited Edition. Hardcover. Only other copy has been institutionalized. Tight, bright, and unmarred. Printed paper boards, six boards with envelopes holding French stamps that depict famous musicians and text describing them, blue paper slipcase. 88x101mm. 12pp. Illus. (b/w postage stamps). Numbered limited edition this...   Item #7716
Price: $650.00

Around the World in Eighty Days [Art Binding].

New York: Heritage Press, 1962. Limited Edition/Unique Binding. Hardcover. Art binding by Julie H.B. Stackpole, a fine hand bookbinder based in mid-coast Maine. After getting a BA at Kirkland College, Julie Beinecke Stackpole studied bookbinding with Kathryn Gerlach in Vermont, in Ascona Switzerland, at the Camberwell School of Arts &...  Item #6549
Price: $2,750.00


1955. Signed and titled in pencil. A very handsome copy of this rather scarce print. Very minor wear to frame. Image approx. 15-7/8 x 6" Black and white wood engraving. Matted and framed.  Item #6188
Price: $950.00