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Human Be In. Timothy Leary and Friends. A Gathering of The Tribes.

Berkley Bonapart, 1967. #24 POW. Renowned Leary event...a beautiful copy. Bright and clean. 14x20.  Item #3807
Price: $275.00

Laws of the State of Maine:. To Which are Prefixed the Constitution of the U. States and of Said State, In Two Volumes With Appendix (N.B. Includes the 1831 Volume Three).

Bruswick, ME: J. Griffin, 1821. First Edition. Hardcover. Volume Three, published by Thomas Todd, Portland, in 1831, is included and makes this set complete. V.3 includes 3 np pages, Index to the Appendix; Statement of Veracity, and Errata. American Imprints 5916 (first two volumes); Vol. III not located in Imprints...  Item #2741
Price: $750.00

The Lord's Prayer [Stanhope].

France: nd. A tiny souvenier item, a microphotograph in a circle not more than 2mm. in diameter and mounted on a powerful magnifying lens of the same size. Set into an ivory cylinder, turned to resemble a tiny telescope. The text can be seen by looking through the scope. "Stanhopes...  Item #8599
Price: $275.00

Évangile de Notre Seigneur Jesus-Christ Selon Saint Matthieu.

Zuilichem: The Catharijne Press, 2989. Limited Edition. Hardcover. Tight, bright, and unmarred. Navy leather boards, gilt lettering on front cover, marbled slipcase. 63x48mm. 52pp. Illus. (b/w plates). Numbered special edition, this being III of XV.  Item #8498
Price: $450.00

A Burlesque Translation of Homer (Two Volumes) Homer Travestie: The Fourth Edition Improved [Fine Binding].

London: G. G. and J. Robinson. Printed by S. Hamilton, 1797. Fourth Edition/First Thus. Hardcover. Signed Zaehnsdorf binding. Bookplates of Framroze Edulji Dinshaw [died 1936], noted Indian real estate figure, and Philip Pleydell-Bouverie (1788 – 27 May 1872). The second shows "Philip" crossed out and Henry H. added (Henry Hales...  Item #9214
Price: $750.00

Andrea Solario [Together with] Quadri Antichi E Oggetti D' Arte [Together With] Catalogo Dei Libri Componenti La Biblioteca Dell'Artista Augusto Burchi Pittore. [Three volumes bound as one].

Milano/Firenze: Alfieri & Lacroix/Galleria Eredi/Libreria Dante, 1913, 1914, 1908. First Edition(s). Hardcover. Rebound. Each catalogue bound in with its orginal wraps. Each scarce, a wondeful collection of early catalogues. A unique set. Light shelf/edge wear, small spots of soiling at fore and bottom edges of front board, some sections shows...   Item #6024
Price: $250.00

M[y] Thieving Hands: A Story of Jean Genet.

New York: Poote Press, 2005. Limited Edition. Hardcover. "Jean Genet has spoken to me with surprising lucidity about life, love and morality. He saw beauty in the grotesque and elevated it to the status of a diamond. When I look through this diamond, I see life with a unique clarity...  Item #7613
Price: $850.00

An Apology for Believing in Universal Reconciliation:. or An Appeal from the Inferior Court of Bigotry, Superstition, Ignorance and Unbelief, to the Supreme Court of Proper Candor, Sound Reason, Good Understanding, and True Faith.  Also, A Key to the Book of Revelation, with short notes on the same.

Norway, ME: Printed for the Author, by Asa Barton, 1827. First Edition. Hardcover. Includes separate title pages in the textblock for "A Key to the Book of Revelation" and "A Supplement to the Foregoing Apology" (all other title page information the same). Interestingly, the "Key to the Book of Revelation"...  Item #6231
Price: $300.00

The Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Illustrated. In Two Volumes: Salesman's Dummy.

Boston: Houghton, Osgood and Co./Houghton Mifflin and Co. 1880. First Edition Thus/Rebound. Hardcover. This is a salesman's dummy for the so-called "Subscription Edition" (published in thirty parts in wrappers; later in a variety of bindings). Richly illustrated by some of the greats of the period including, but not limited to...  Item #4766
Price: $250.00

One Way Home.

Melbourne, Australia: Masterthief, 2009. Limited Edition. Hardcover. Bound by master binder Friedrich Pohlmann. "One Way Home takes the form of a private devotional codex–an intimate book for personal use much like a medieval book of hours. However, it becomes immediately apparent after a few pages that this is not a....  Item #8738
Price: $1,500.00

Collagebuch Zwei (2).

Flörsheim/Main: Malutzki, 2008. Limited Edition. Hardcover. Each book contains fifteen original collages. Original pages from USA comics used in the making of the collages. Tight, bright, and unmarred. Blue cloth boards, printed pictorial paper label at front, printed endpages, textblock of blue paper, collage work, letterpress printed (brass rule lines...   Item #8753
Price: $1,100.00

Bartleby the Scrivener.

Vienna: Wolfgang Buchta, 2011. Limited Edition. Hardcover. “In 2009 July, the graphic structure of the newspaper gave me the impulse to draw over it. Then I thought this background was the ideal way for Bartleby. After this decision, I wrote the text by hand. August-December 2009. Drawings on the newspaper...  Item #7623
Price: $10,000.00

The Campaigns of the First Maine and First District of Columbia Cavalry.

Portland, ME: Bailey & Noyes, 1866. First Edition. Hardcover. Noted flaws notwithstanding, overall this is a handsome copy of a genuinely scarce volume. Light shelf/edge wear, Minor fraying at head, small closed tear at head, light toning at spine, closed split at front joint, lower corner of rfep missing (clearly...   Item #5561
Price: $625.00

From Nature.

Muncy, PA: Red Howler Press, 2012. Unique. Original Wraps. "'From Nature' is a series of drawings taken in part from the realm of insects and fish and their human counterparts. The drawings focus on an anthropromorphic identification on the part of the observer for the 'observed', delving into the individual...  Item #8027
Price: $3,500.00

Alfred C. Needham: Strictly Private [Holographic Journal].

Personal Journal, 1890s. Hardcover. Alfred Carter Needham was a well known Cape Ann, MA area artist and Yale graduate. Needham was a member of the Copley Society; Rockport Art Assoc.; Gloucester North Shore A.A. He exhibited at the PAFA. Born in 1872, this journal appears to cover his college years...  Item #5300
Price: $1,250.00

The Debates, Resolutions, and Other Proceedings of the Convention of Delegates:. Assembled at Portland on the 11th, and Continued Until the 29th Day of October, 1819, for the Purpose of Forming a Constitution for the State of Maine - To Which is Prefixed The Constitution Taken in Convention.

Portland, ME: A. Shirley, 1820. First Edition. Hardcover. First printing of the proceedings for the creation of the State of Maine, published in Portland while it was still the District of Maine. Perley's later work is relatively common, but this edition is scarce and genuinely rare in its original boards...  Item #6233
Price: $850.00

The Elements of the English Language,. [Les elemens de la langue Angloise…],explained in a new, easy, and concise manner, by way of dialogues; inwhich the pronunciation is taught by an union of letters that producessimilar sounds in French … With familiar phrases, dialogues, and avocabulary, very useful for those who desire to speak English correctly….

London: B. Le Franco, 1790. First Edition. Hardcover. With a facing title-page in French. Textblock printed in 3 columns (English, French and phonetic). A very handsoome copy of this rather uncommon work. Light shelf/edge wear, minor loss at tail, nicks to boards, last index page shows closed tear, ownership signature...   Item #6210
Price: $450.00


Austin, TX: Tarantula Press, 1993. Limited Edition. Hardcover. Signed by binder, Suzzanah Kent. Tight, bright, and unmarred. Blue Nigerian goat skin boards, silver stamping, hand painted flowers on upper cover, lilac endpapers, cloth clamshell case. 73x60mm. 23pp. Lettered limited edition, this being copy H of 26 deluxe copies.  Item #7376
Price: $500.00

Powhatan. A Metrical Romance, in Seven Cantos [signed by the author].

New York: Harper and Brothers, 1841. First Edition (presumed). Hardcover. Inscribed to Gardiner Kellogg (Dartmouth College graduate and minister in ME in the early 1800s). A long and infamously bad "historical poem".A well known review says nothing of the historical substance of the poem as he was too wrapped up...  Item #6245
Price: $450.00

I'll Die Tomorrow.

Berkeley, CA: del Milion Editions, 2009. Limited Edition. Hardcover. I’ll Die Tomorrow was designed, printed, and bound in an edition of forty-five copies by Peter Rutledge Koch with the assistance of Jonathan Gerken at Peter Koch Printers for del Milion Editions. The text, set in Bookman Old Style, is printed...  Item #7640
Price: $750.00

In the Beginning [Kaldewey 7].

New York: Kaldewey Press, 1984. Limited Edition. Hinged Metal Binding. The book illustrates the process of the creation of language. The last page includes the first sentence of the earliest known work of Japanese literature. Found in a handful of special collections and believed to be the first brought to...  Item #7629
Price: $7,500.00


Berkshire: Golden Cockerel Press, 1950. Limited Edition. Hardcover. Said to be the first "correct" printing of Swinburne's classic poem was prepared for press from the manuscript in the British Museum and includes an introduction by Randolph Hughes. Uncommon generally, quite scarce in original glassine [Cock-A-Hoop, 185]. Tight, bright, and unmarred...   Item #7175
Price: $250.00

Mixed Collection of Bondage and Sexuality Paperbacks.

1951-1975. Original Wraps. Machlin, M. eds. Dare magazine, [New York: Fiction Publications, Inc.] September 1954. Mini-magazine featuring sensational tales, real crime news, and gratuitous cheesecake photographs. 66 pp. Color cover with black and white photographs. Anon. Leather Loving Lena. [San Diego: Flag Publications] c. 1960s. First edition paperback, Number 400...  Item #9090
Price: $275.00

Captain Ben's Book: A Record of the Things Which Happened to Capt. Benjamin J. Willard:. Pilot and Stevedore, During Some Sixty Years on the Sea and Land.

Portland, ME: Lakeside Press, 1895. First Edition. Hardcover. Willared was born in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, in 1828, and was in fishing, the coast trade, stevedoring and finally was a pilot out of Portland. Much of the work focuses on his experiences as a pilot, with notes on the Civil War...  Item #4659
Price: $300.00

Waterlines [Apres moi le deluge [and] Orpheus on Sappho's Shore].

Hadley, MA: Double Elephant Press/Oxingale Press, 2009. Limited Edition. Hardcover. "Two illustrated musical works are joined thematically through their aquatic journeys in which human agony finds solace in the redemptive power of music. ... In [the first] the suffering caused by Hurricane Katrina is given voice by an angry chorus...  Item #7497
Price: $3,500.00