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Recreation of the Declaration of Independence as designed & printed in 1777 by Mary Katharine Goddard [Together with] Edited Version of the Declaration of Independence: All People Are Created Equal.

New York: Intima Press, 2010. Limited Edition. Broadside. '“Setting the Declaration in type was enlightening in many ways, as my thoughts throughout the process were of Mary Katharine in her print shop during the cold month of January, not having 21st century amenities. I could not help but wonder how Mary Katharine must have felt being entrusted to print this stunning proclamation while setting each letter of the text ‘all Men are created equal.’ Therefore, on July 4th, 2010, I went to press on a second unambiguous edition proclaiming ‘all People are created equal’,” explained Mindy Belloff. “Mary Katharine was an incredibly brave woman for her time. By her actions, she was clearly a pioneer for women’s rights and freedom of the press.”' (Artist statement)
In January 1777, Congress commissioned Goddard to print the Declaration for each of the 13 newly formed colonies. This was the first printing to reveal the names of its signers and the first titled the Unanimous Declaration. Goddard, Postmistress of Baltimore and publisher of a weekly newspaper, put herself at risk for treason by printing the document and adding her name at the bottom.
To honor Goddard, an American pioneer, and our founding fathers, Intima Press created an accurate reproduction of Goddard’s elegant two-column design of the Declaration, hand set over 7,000 characters in the original Caslon typeface, and printed on paper made specifically for the museum quality re-creation. She then went to press on a second unambiguous edition proclaiming ‘all People are created equal’ instead of 'all Men.'
Introductory text by Harvard historian David Armitage with essay by historian Martha King, and by the Artist.
The two pieces are available seperately for $1777 each. Fine in Fine Portfolio. Bright and clean. Document 21x16" printed in 2-color black and brown; Essays 21x16" printed in blue and red; inside an archival paper folio; hand set in Caslon & letterpress printed on handmade cotton & linen paper (paper custom made by Katie MacGregor, Maine). Limited edition of 100 copies. Item #8916

Price: $3,200.00

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