• Occult and Esoterica [March 2019]

    The ’occult’ represents a large spectrum of belief systems including pseudo sciences, astrology, magick, witchcraft, alternative religious movements, and aspects of spiritualism. 75 items of wonder. Enjoy.

  • NYC ABAA Book Fair 2019

    Our show list for booth B33 at the NYC ABAA Book Fair. Should be a little something for everyone, with a lot for those who love design bindings, book art, fine press, and Esoterica/Occult (sex, death, and the devil). 

  • CA ABAA Book Fair List - 2019

    A show list of everything that will be in our booth (nearly all phyically, one or two as simulacra). While focused on book art, design bindings, and esoterica, there is a little bit for just about everyone. Enjoy.

  • Fun and Games Short List

    As the name suggests, a short list of pithy and entertaining works...

  • Lux Mentis Boston ABAA Book Fair Show List: 2018

    A list of most of what will be in or around the booth during the 2018 Boston ABAA book fair. I'll post a booth tour later. Do let us know if anything catches your eye.

  • Mystery Theme Two

    The second in our evovling series of Mystery Themes. There is a discount waiting for the first person to identify the theme. The previous theme will be shared in the description of the following:
    There was a winner on our first one, which was a good sign. The last one, as you might recall, was released on National Voter Registration Day...all of the author's last names started with a V, O, T, or E. 

  • Post-Boston Book Fair List

    A quick and hopefully interesting list of items that debuted at the 2018 Boston ABAA book fair. A little bit for everyone.

  • Strong Women Strong Art

    Having just spent several days at Oak Knoll Fest in New Castle, DE reveling in fine books, fine people and a fine time...while the country as a whole stumbled, yet again, when presented with an opporunity to move forward... So I offer you the following for your consideration. All the work is by women. Much, but not all, has some social/political spin to it. All of it is brilliant. Enjoy. 

  • Mystery Theme One

    The catalogue includes a diverse collection of material defined by one simple theme. The first to identify the theme gets a 20% discount on anything ordered from the list. Images available upon request. Enjoy.

  • A Very Short List of Very Special Things

    Three extrodinary works touching on social justice, science, and law. Enjoy.

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