• It's a CRIME to miss RBMS

    We hate to be missing RBMS, it is a CRIME! As we can not be there, we offer this eclectic list involving CRIME. Some things old, some things new, some things scary, one thing blue. Enjoy.

  • Death Industry / Death Positive / Just Death

    Death, not as in dying, but death as an industry. This week we feature 12 items illustrating aspects of the funerary and mortuary industry and the science of death, including an early 20th salesman's headstone kit, art of death, and various pieces of death commerce ephemera. Enjoy!

  • Hunting & Fishing (mostly)

    Every now and then we realize we have a small cache of interesting things that do not necessarily line up with our general areas of focus. And thus we present a short list of books spanning nearly 200 years on or about Hunting and Fishing…except for one, it is on plants of Tropical Africa and is included as a vegetarian option. Images, as always, available upon request.

  • Raymond Pettibon Short List

    As we were pulling together our recent Punk/Counter Culture list we realized that we have more Raymond Pettibon material than we realized…so we decided to keep it out of the first list and bring it all together here. Original and important art to zines, there’s an interesting range of material. We’ve included images of some…images of all available upon request…

  • Punk, Anarcho and Counter Culture

    One of our focus areas revolves around the punk/anarcho sub-culture and counter culture more broadly. Presented here is a small, diverse collection of books, zines, posters, etc. all of which are grounded in one or more counter culture scenes. Please note, while priced separately, the Australian anarcho/punk posters are available as a small collection at a rather steep discount. There are a handful of images included…images of all available upon request…

  • Libros Artista Book Arts

    Lux Mentis supports and advocates for artists’ books made by women from Mexico, Latin America, and Spain. We strongly encourage both collectors and institutions to recognize the established history of book art in Spanish/Portuguese speaking countries and continue to support emerging artists from these countries, as well as all women of color working, living, and creating book arts in the United States.

  • Occult and Esoterica [March 2019]

    The ’occult’ represents a large spectrum of belief systems including pseudo sciences, astrology, magick, witchcraft, alternative religious movements, and aspects of spiritualism. 75 items of wonder. Enjoy.

  • NYC ABAA Book Fair 2019

    Our show list for booth B33 at the NYC ABAA Book Fair. Should be a little something for everyone, with a lot for those who love design bindings, book art, fine press, and Esoterica/Occult (sex, death, and the devil). 

  • CA ABAA Book Fair List - 2019

    A show list of everything that will be in our booth (nearly all phyically, one or two as simulacra). While focused on book art, design bindings, and esoterica, there is a little bit for just about everyone. Enjoy.

  • Fun and Games Short List

    As the name suggests, a short list of pithy and entertaining works...

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