• Fall Occult List

    A listing of current Occult material, fall of 2018. Hoping there is something interesting for most. Happy to provide images as needed. Enjoy.

  • Miscellany List, August 2018

    A short list (12 items) that have little do do with each other except that they invovle ink on papper and are interesting in variuos ways. We hope you find something interesting. Images available upon request.

  • Miniature Books Fall 2018

    Nearly all the minis we have on hand... Celebrating last week's Miniature Book Conclave at UVA and the wonderful exhibition UVA presented for MBS.
    trangely organized...but designed for reading. No images, please ask if you would like any. Enjoy.

  • Politics and Book Arts

    Given all that is going on in the world, it seems like a good time to look at where politcs and book arts meet. A bit is current and responsive, other items cover different periods, some more reflective, some less so. The catalogue starts and ends with Richard Minsky, It Can't Happen Here to start and the Bill of Rights to finish. Enjoy.

  • Scotland the Brave and Éire go Brách

    We thought the Scots recent behavior on the world stage should earn them a wee catalogue. However, wee it was, so we fleshed it out with a bit of Ireland, just on principle. Enjoy.

  • A Selection of Current Archives and Collections

    18 collections and archives covering a wide range of subject matter, size, and scale. With luck, something interesting for everyone.

  • RBMS2018: On the Shelf or at the Boutique

    In case you missed RBMS 2018, this is the list of all we brought...both for the floor and for the boutique event we are holding the same week. It covers a very wide range of material and budgets. We hope you enjoy it.

  • Grrrl Books: By, For, About Women

    Twenty items that span serveral dozen decades and a myriad of issues. Hoping for a short, punchy list that covers a broad range with interesting things. We hope you enjoy it.

  • J & J Sobota Bindings: Large and Small

    A small selection of Jan & Jarmila Sobota design bindings. Four are large (2 by Jan and 2 by Jarmila) and the rest miniatures by Jarmila.

  • Occult and Esoterica V2

    A reasonably manageable collection of interesting and unusual items spanning time and and type. With luck, there will be at least one or two things you’ve never seen nor heard of before. Enjoy.