• 2017 Boston ABAA Book Fair Show List [minus surprises]

    A reasonably complete list of what is likely to be in the booth for Boston...though does NOT include some very special surprises. I'll be posting a booth tour, as usual.

  • Death Becomes Her...

    On death and print and practice. 


    The black arts do not only refer to printing! Who knew! Herbs, witchcraft, demonology, and estoerica in a variety of iterations. The first of what is likely to be a regularly updated and evolving area for us.

  • New York ABAA Book Fair List 2017

    Show list for the 2017 book fair. 

  • CA ABAA Book Fair Showlist - 2017

    A more or less complete list of what we will be bringing to the Oakland/SF ABAA book fair.

  • Artist Book Catalogue 2016

    “Artists' books are a unique genre, ultimately a genre which is as much about itself, its own forms and traditions, as any other art form or activity.” (Johanna Drucker)
    A small sampling of books and artists we represent. Enjoy

  • Holiday Short-List 2016

    A few things from a variety of areas to tempt and tantilize! 

  • Boston ABAA Book Fair Short List 2016

  • Boston ABAA Book Fair OCCULT Short List 2016

  • Miniature Book Conclave 2016 Special Catalogue

    Aidan's final Buy A Book, Make a Kid Happy catalogue, pulling together material from his 6 prior catalogues and adding a bit more. It is long (nearly 400 items). We decided not to include images, as it would have radically increased the size...but please ask for images of anything you'd like to see.