• CA ABAA Book Fair 2018

    This catalogue includes most of what we will be bringing to the CA ABAA fair, with a handful of surprises to be debuted at the show. Images upon request.

  • Photography: Winter 2017

    A Mirror to Summon: Selections of Photography. World travel to dangerous women to the circus, war, fetishism, and more. With luck, something for everyone.

  • 2017 Boston ABAA Book Fair Show List [minus surprises]

    A reasonably complete list of what is likely to be in the booth for Boston...though does NOT include some very special surprises. I'll be posting a booth tour, as usual.

  • Death Becomes Her...

    On death and print and practice. 


    The black arts do not only refer to printing! Who knew! Herbs, witchcraft, demonology, and estoerica in a variety of iterations. The first of what is likely to be a regularly updated and evolving area for us.

  • New York ABAA Book Fair List 2017

    Show list for the 2017 book fair. 

  • CA ABAA Book Fair Showlist - 2017

    A more or less complete list of what we will be bringing to the Oakland/SF ABAA book fair.

  • Artist Book Catalogue 2016

    “Artists' books are a unique genre, ultimately a genre which is as much about itself, its own forms and traditions, as any other art form or activity.” (Johanna Drucker)
    A small sampling of books and artists we represent. Enjoy

  • Holiday Short-List 2016

    A few things from a variety of areas to tempt and tantilize! 

  • Boston ABAA Book Fair Short List 2016