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Victoria! : El entusiasmo revolucionario, sumado a la disciplina y buena organización militar, derrotará al enemigo. 2. Sin disciplina no hay ejército potente.

Barcelona, Spain: Comissariat de Propaganda, Generalitat de Catalunya, 1937. Propaganda poster listing 21 wartime rules of behavior to help the republican side achieve victory over the fascists during the Spanish Civil War. As follows: As with most of the Republican posters, the colors of the anarchists and communists (black and red) figure prominently in the poster. Many of the prescriptions seem geared toward inexperienced soldiers. This feature of the prescriptions is no surprise since much of the soldiers fighting on the side of the Republicans were volunteers or militiamen, who were not professionally trained soldiers.
The prescriptions on the poster are as follows: "Revolutionary enthusiasm, plus discipline and good military organization, will defeat the enemy. Without discipline, the army is not powerful. Discipline is the unquestioning execution of the commander's orders. The commander should be the first in giving an example of discipline and making everything possible so that all orders from above are accomplished perfectly. Observe discipline in [the line of] fire! Cartridges are expensive! You should fire at fixed targets and only when the commander orders it. The infantry is the principal weapon. The artillery and air force complement the work of the infantry. No situation is critical when the enemy's infantry is weak. Know that the cavalry is dangerous only for those that move back. A brave and firm infantry can always put it in flight. You should not avoid enemy fire, but you should take advantage of the situation in order to go on the offensive, to attack it better and to fire against it with greater precision. Only he who attacks, triumphs. The trenches are aid for the offensive. Always try to pass from defense to offense. The reconnaissance of enemy positions will save many forces. Do continuous reconnaissance. Communicate all that you discover to your commander. Bring every prisoner to your commander. Keep a tight link between the rearguard and the advance [forces] in order to prevent surprises and increase the force of your blow. One bad sentry lost Chapaief. Do not forget the sentries! Do not fear the attack of the enemy from behind, since you can attack [them] in the same way. The tank without infantry is not dangerous. Attack tanks with grenades. Do not debilitate your attack in the presence of enemy planes. On the contrary, intensify it. Attack the enemy infantry that advances behind enemy planes. Every commander of militias should make the most of their free time to instruct militiamen, and they, on their time, should do everything possible to study. Learn to shoot with precision, to understand maps and to identify with a locality. Do not speak of military subjects because the hated enemies are listening. Countrymen! By practicing good hygiene and cleanliness, you avoid diseases more dangerous than the enemy." (SC&A, UC San Diego, OCLC). Near Fine. Near fine. Single sheet color lithograph (mostly red and black), 30 x 23 cm. In Spanish (Catalonia). Item #11137

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