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Cash Fans [Artist Book].

London: Arc Editions, 2014. Limited Edition. Hardcover. "Cash Fans is not just the story of money, but universal desire. Inspired by the story of a gang of car thieves who were caught posing with their cash on the internet: in one photo a boy holds a cash sandwich, his face obscured by the amount of money layered between two pieces of white bread. Someone else anchors folded twenties to his head with his baseball cap; he’s a cash clown with cash hair, looks into the camera like he’s helped himself to Mona Lisa’s smile. Other boys mimic senoritas. Wave fans of cash on their doorsteps, sprawl on their parent’s sofas - multi-coloured fans; tens, twenties, fifties; blues, greens, reds, all in currency order. Cash Fans the poem is letterpress printed with a series of single- word tattoos monoprinted onto each page - the complete text has been dusted and polished with fingerprint powder." (Victoria Bean) Her work is well established in international collections. A brilliant addition from one of the most creative and evocative artist/printers currently producing. Fine. Tight, bright, and unmarred. Letterpress printed in gray cloth boards, transparent inks dusted with fingerprint powder. 4to. 20pp. Illus. (mono prints). Limited edition of 3 copies. Item #8416

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