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1316 [Complete in Three Volumes].

Melbourne, Australia: Lyssiotis/Cavalieri, nd. Limited Edition. Hardcover. "1316 is a trilogy, the sequence based upon Dante's The Divine Comedy (most likely the year he completed the work). This work is a response to Dante's imaginary world. The first book explores the Inferno, Book 2 travels through Purgatory, and Book 3 makes the journey to Paradise.
All three books share a twin through line: Colour and Geometry. As an example, Book 3 used the colours of blue and gold and their implied light, peace, and sanctity, and the geometry of the square to enforce the perfection and release offered by Paradise.
On our ten-year journey with Dante, we have constantly referred back to artists such as William Blake, Gustav Dore, Tom Phillips, and Colin McCahon, who also contended with Dante's text. We have drawn on Angela's photographs of texts and inscriptions used in the interiors of Italian churches and domes...we looked for those things in Dante that rippled out to our own times. Consequently, the text is original and written by Peter."
Linocut prints, photographs, screen prints, acrylic, pen and ink.
"Peter Lyssiotis is a photographer/photomonteur, filmmaker, writer and book artist who has worked in the field of bookarts for over 25 years." Fine in Fine Archival Box. Tight, bright, and unmarred. Loose gatherings, various techniques, cut-throughs; solander boxes in burgundy, black, and brown. np. Illus. (color and b/w plates). Numbered limited edition of 10. Item #8736

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