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CONCINNITAS [Complete Set of Equations].

Portland, OR: Parasol Press, 2014. Limited Edition. Loose Sheets. A collection of 10 aquatints on Rives Paper. Leon Battista Alberti, renaissance scholar, artist and architect, coined the term Concinnitas to connote the beauty found in the confluence of perfect uses of number, position and outline.
In 2012, Parasol commissioned ten mathematicians, physicists, and computer scientists, including two Nobel Laureates and five Fields Medalists, to create etchings of the mathematical expression most meaningful to them. These formulae were then printed by the fine-art print shop Harlan and Weaver as aquatints, evoking the look of equations quickly and elegantly sketched in white chalk on a blackboard. Accompanied by an expository essay of each and description card, signed by each.
Sir Michael Atiyah. Edinburgh University. Fields Medal
Enrico Bombieri. Institute of Advanced Study Princeton. Fields Medal
Simon Donaldson. Stony Brook University / Imperial College London. Fields Medal
Freeman Dyson. Institute of Advanced Study Princeton. Templeton Prize
Murray Gell-Mann. Santa Fe Institute. Nobel Prize
Richard Karp. UC Berkeley. Turing Medal
Peter Lax. Courant Institute (NYU). Abel, Wolf and Norbert Wiener Prize
David Mumford. Brown University. Fields Medal
Stephen Smale. City University of Hong Kong. Fields Meda
Steven Weinberg. University of Texas. Nobel Prize. Fine in Fine Archival Boxes. Bright and unmarred. Black coated cloth archival boxes (prints, descriptions, cards). 8 are 26 1/8 x 31 5/8 inches. 2 are 31 5/8 x 26 1/8 inches. Illus. (b/w plates). Limited edition of 100. Signed by the mathematicians/physicists. Item #9325

Price: $12,500.00