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Sherlockiana collection.

1946-2014. Collection of Sherlock Holmes enthusiast related and miscellaneous “Sherlockiana” materials, 1946-2014. The Arthur Conan Doyle Encyclopedia website describes “Sherlockiana” as: People interested in Sherlock Holmes and who enjoy sharing their interest with others are baptized sherlockians or holmesians. Their purpose is to keep green the memory of the detective. The literary activity of the sherlockians is called the Sherlockiana. The study is limited to the Sherlock Holmes saga in the work of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, including all the characters appearing the stories (their lives, their activities, the places where they live, etc.). The sherlockiana is practiced by writing articles, studies or conferences (serious or humorous) on the most diverse topics.

Notable serials include "Baker Street Journal," "An Irregular Quarterly of Sherlockiana" [almost complete run, 1946-2014], "Pontine Dossier" [8 issues], "Sherlockian: A Quarterly Journal" [first 6 issues], "Third Pillar," "Newsletter for the Thespian Pursuits in Sherlockiana" [issues 1-4 with correspondence], and the "Baker Street Miscellanea" [12 issues]. The collection isn’t without its peculiarities, which include the limited edition reprint of the Irregular Feast foldout menu and the Mansion Murders mystery tabletop game complete with map and clue book. Other unique and scarce titles include: Watsoniana, Holmes and the Theory of Games, Sherlock Holmes Cook Book, Parlour Games of Sherlock Holmes, Some Unaccountable Exploits of Sherlock Holmes. Extremely distinctive and well-rounded assemblage of materials accounting for fan-driven scholarship and examples of dedicated pop culture iconography with literary pursuits. [Complete spreadsheet with brief main title entries available]. Very Good+. Materials include various monographic and serial journals, in addition to scarce self-published “zine” pamphlets, parodies, and other ‘pastiche’ produced by individual fans and self-motivated scholars of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson. Most of the publications are two-fold, stapled booklets. The entire collection encompasses 3 linear feet and numbering over approximately one hundred titles. Majority are first edition publications and in very good condition. Item #9358

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