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42 Photographs of the Demolition of the Old Howard Theatre in Boston, MA [with 20 distinct images and some duplicates taken from the same position at what might be a slightly different exposure].

Boston, MA: nd [circa 1960]. Original Prints. Near Fine. Probably journalistic in origin dating from 1960, a collection of photographs 4”x6” showing the controversial demolition of the Old Howard Theatre in Boston after a bad but not catastrophic fire. Images include shots of the building exterior strewn with debris, street...  Item #8942
Price: $450.00

Collection of Circus Travel photography albums.

c. 1890-1960. Spiral Bound. Although arranged in a rather random non-chronological order it is possible to catalogue the albums as containing photographs from the late 1890’s (a Lemen Brothers circus parade passing through Detroit, Minnesota in 1897 is one of the earliest images, depicting the glamour of the parade passing...  Item #9077
Price: $4,500.00

Korean War Photos Album.

Korea: nd [circa 1950-3]. Unique. A collection of 38 photos of base life during the Korean War (1950-1953) Mostly comprising of groups of airmen on an unidentified airbase, with several shots being panoramic vistas of the base showing tents, huts, anti-aircraft emplacements, an airman sitting on a number of bombs...  Item #8971
Price: $45.00

Two US Capitols Photography Albums. [764 Original Photographs].

nd [circa 1930s]. Unique Edition. Hardcover. The collection consists of 764 b/w images of the 48 US state capitols and that of the US Capitol in Washington, DC. Vol. 1 (364 images) starts with Washington, DC and covers Alabama through Montana. Vol. 2 (400 images) covers Nebraska through Wyoming. The...  Item #6010
Price: $1,500.00

[World War I] Souvenir photography album from the Zeebrugge-Mole [Zeebrugge Museum].

Brussels, Belgium: c. 1918. First Edition. Original Wraps. Many of the photographs are initialed with the letters 'AB,' indicating Belgian wartime photographer Arthur Brusselle. Arthur Brusselle (1879-1977) is one of Bruges' most important photographers and owned a photography shop in the famous Steenstraat. In 1918-1919, the Belgian government commissioned Brusselle...  Item #9128
Price: $550.00

Walter Richmond's Case [1937 Maine Crime Scene Photographic Notebook].

Turner, ME: Self-published, 1937. Unique. Original Wraps. "West shore of Pleasant Pond, Turner, Maine / October 2nd, 1937 / Pictures by Walter A. Deshates, Deputy Sherrif" [from front wrapper]. 20 b/w photographs of the body and surroundings from a rural Maine murder scene. "Turner, Me, Nov. 1 [1937] – Mystery surrounds...  Item #9626
Price: $450.00

Dangerous Women [Vernacular Photographs from the Collection of Peter J. Cohen].

nd [circa 1905-70]. Originals. Group of 26 photographs of powerful women. Various figures and scenes, ranging from a beckoning femme fatale, a woman offering a man an apple, a brunette lighting up a cigarette for the photographer, a tall dark-haired maiden in a sado-masochistic costume, a beautiful nude femme, an...  Item #8705
Price: $3,750.00