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Archive Encompassing the Golden Age of the Great Ocean Liners.

Various: Various, nd [circa 1880-1930]. The history of ocean liners is the history of western prosperity, the lure of emigration and the race for technology to catch up with both. The roots of passenger liners are based in 1818, when the Black Ball shipping line of New York started offering...  Item #9174
Price: $32,000.00

Bizarre Female Domination [Personal Scrapbook].

unkn. nd [circa 1970s]. Unique. Original Wraps. A very thorough and engaging collection of imagery and text involved, as the name implies, around the area of the BDSM scene from a Domme female/submissive male perspective. Neatly tape mounted images on lined white paper, the color and b/w images range from.....  Item #8389
Price: $450.00

Collection of Early New England Grave Rubbings.

Loose sheets. 61 various grave rubbings from early New England graveyards collected by one man between 1968-1980. Some rumpling around edges, pencil notations, else clean. Various sizes, blue and black rubbings.  Item #8708
Price: $7,500.00

Sherlockiana collection.

1946-2014. Collection of Sherlock Holmes enthusiast related and miscellaneous “Sherlockiana” materials, 1946-2014. The Arthur Conan Doyle Encyclopedia website describes “Sherlockiana” as: People interested in Sherlock Holmes and who enjoy sharing their interest with others are baptized sherlockians or holmesians. Their purpose is to keep green the memory of the detective.....  Item #9358
Price: $950.00

Collection of Manuscripts and Photographs [Trieste, Italy].

Trieste, Italy: c. 1926-1931. Original mss and/or first printings. A unique aggregation of primary and secondary sources documenting Italian architecture, geography, and cultural life during the pre-World War II occupation, specifically in the area of Trieste, Italy. Condition varies by material type, manuscripts are in exceptional and legible condition with.....  Item #9076
Price: $1,000.00

Collection of David LaChapelle proofs and contact sheets.

New York: self, 1990-09. Unique. Loose Sheets. Includes: 2 The Beautiful & the Bizarre exhibition cards; one email hardcopy (Armando Daniel to Sharon Gault, 1999); 28 color contact sheets and/or proofs; 27 b/w contact sheets and/or proofs. Bright and clean, Photographic prints. Color and b/w.  Item #8902
Price: $2,500.00

Alfred C. Needham: Strictly Private [Holographic Journal].

Personal Journal, 1890s. Hardcover. Alfred Carter Needham was a well known Cape Ann, MA area artist and Yale graduate. Needham was a member of the Copley Society; Rockport Art Assoc.; Gloucester North Shore A.A. He exhibited at the PAFA. Born in 1872, this journal appears to cover his college years...  Item #5300
Price: $1,250.00

American National Party “The White Man’s Working Party” [Group of eight leaves, including a cover letter signed by John Patler, assassin of Neo-Nazi leader George Lincoln Rockwell].

New York: American National Party, 1961-1962. Unique/First Printing. Loose Sheets. Small collection of materials from the short-lived white supremacist group, American National Party headed by party leader John Patler and later assassin of Neo-Nazi George Lincoln Rockwell, commander of the American Nazi Party [1958-1967]. The collection of material includes six.....  Item #9018
Price: $750.00

Visionaire Collection [Near Complete].

New York: Visionaire, 1991-2016. Limited Edition(s). 57 of 65 works (plus two duplicates and two in both states). See related list for specifics and images. Missing 1, 4, 11, 13, 20, 49, 57, 59, most of which could be relatively easily secured. There are also a handful of issues that...  Item #9347
Price: $35,000.00